Lou (2020) - Script

Hi everyone!

I recently updated my website to include more of my work and suddenly realized I have never posted my scripts on here. It, therefore, seemed fitting to start at the beginning and post one of the few films I have co-written and got produced.

Lou was written in 2019 with fellow Filmmaker and Writer, Tom Doona. I don't remember how the idea came to me, but the initial idea was very different from the final product (a theme that continued well into production!)

Both I and Tom had connections to Dementia/Memory loss, and we both felt that we should create a portrayal that focuses on the memories that dementia sufferers hold so dear. After writing the first draft, Tom wrote a second, and this pattern continued until we eventually ended up with the final draft.

We both agree that we learned a ridiculous amount in both writing and creating the film. The script is way too long, like WAY too long. For context; the final film comes in at roughly 13 minutes. The script is 26 pages long... I genuinely cringe at this now. I both love and hate the final film, but I can't deny how much it made me improve as a Writer and Filmmaker...

I'd love to have another go at Lou one day, and potentially make a feature out of it instead. Tom always says that we were trying to squeeze a feature film into a short, and I think he is right.

Anyway, I have attached the script for you to have a read-through! Enjoy!


Download PDF • 93KB


Check out Tom's Website: https://www.tomdoona.co.uk/

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