Lockdown Writing.

Like most people in the world at the moment, I am desperately trying to make use of this time we have stuck inside. I'm also constantly on the search for something to do that isn't watching TV and adverts about being 'apart, but never alone'. To be honest, I think the repetition of celebrity zoom calls and choirs singing on the news is a global crisis in itself.

Anyway, this has led me to try and get my creative juices flowing... dig deep into my soul and express myself. But when I'm not playing Animal Crossing, I also like to write.

Over the course of the 7 weeks of lockdown, I've tried to write and plan a number of projects. It's a really therapeutic escape from the apocalypse outside and I'd recommend it to anyone. Write what you love, write about your thoughts, write what you miss about life.

It can be hard to write right now with so little inspiration around. I find most of my stories originate from characters I see on the bus or walking down the road. One way I've tried to get around this is by looking for interesting characters from my past, or even remarkable historical figures. I know others will have different ways.

Here's an extract from one of my current projects...

(I feel like this will be how a lot of people wake up at the moment!)

Stay safe!

(Ps. If anyone gets good turnip prices please DM me).

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