Last Orders - Script

'Tomorrow, the Market Inn REOPENS!'


When the Market Inn is forced the close, the pub locals take turns in reopening it, with little success...

Last month I posted the script for my debut short film; Lou (2020), alongside the finished film itself. This month, I thought it might be interesting to write about a script that is yet to be produced.

The script in question; is Last Orders, one of my favorite pieces of writing ever. There is no particular reason as to why it's my favorite, I'm simply very proud of it. It's also the first short film I've written with comedy at the forefront, rather than just having jokes written throughout the story.

It's origins stem back to a conversation I had with fellow writer/filmmaker, Tom Doona, whilst on a hike in the peaks. I was telling him about my local pub that seemed to close down every few months and reopen with one of the locals taking over. He suggested it sounds like a good premise for a script, and later that night I wrote it in one session. It's now gone through a few drafts, I am very happy to share it.

If you fancy a ready, I'd love to know what you think!

Last Orders Final Draft
Download PDF • 100KB

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