FESTIVAL UPDATE - 3 More Nominations for Lou!

Hey everyone!

This week I had some amazing news regarding Lou (2020). Here is the blog post written for the City Projections website:


Hi everyone!

We wanted to quickly update you on some exciting developments! Over the past couple of months, Lou (2020) has been selected for 2 more Film Festivals! The first is Screentest, a brilliant film festival focussed on Student Films that we are over the moon to have been considered for! The second is Jump Cuts Film Festival, which has selected us for Best Short Film / Director!

We want to say a massive thank you to both of these amazing festivals! It really means a lot to us!

But that's not all... Jump Cuts Film Festival has also nominated Olivia Caley (Young Lou) for Best Young Actress! We are absolutely thrilled for her and can't wait to find out the result very soon!

That's everything we have to share for now, but we will update you with any further news!


I want to personally thank both festivals for supporting our little film! The film/TV industry (as with all industries) is stuck in a real tricky situation at the moment, so it means a huge amount to see support for small projects continuing!

Until next time,


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