CubeCraft Games.

Video Game Trailers

At CubeCraft I produced a large array of different video forms. The most common was Minecraft Trailers which feature on Minecraft itself. These trailers receive view counts from 2,000 views to 400,000 views. The trailer I produced for 'Among Slimes' is their most viewed video to date. During my time at CubeCraft I was also in charge of marketing. Within this role; I re-branded CubeCraft's socials/shop, tripled their social media following, and produced 50+ videos. Find out more here.

Whilst working at CubeCraft Games, myself and some co-workers were incredibly fortunate to be given the task of getting some footage for a Minecraft PlayStation trailer! Although only 1 piece of footage was used in the final trailer (00:05), I am still extremely proud to have worked on it! In 2021, I got the chance to help with another trailer. This one focussed on a Lunar New Year event.


In 2021, I also launched a TikTok account for the company and began creating daily content. Quite a few videos went viral, receiving on average 10,000 - 850,000 views. Within a month of creating the account, we had already gained 20,000+ followers! It currently stands at 100,000+ followers! For the current data, head to CubeCraft's TikTok page HERE.